My name is Diane Burrell, and I’m a freelance writer living in Los Angeles with my husband Michael and our three cats. We’re also both screenwriters. This is not a blog dedicated to zombies, although zombies will come up occasionally. The Zombie Mistress Overlord Speaks is an online journal of things that I find interesting, and have decided to share with other people. And I find a lot of things interesting.

For instance…

Writing, movies, politics, technology, science, pop culture, history, language, nature, birds, photography, books, beading, chocolate, cake decorating, science fiction, horror, zombies (see, they were in there somewhere), Halloween, Christmas, altered art, altered clothing, atheism, cartoons, repurposing, cooking…

There’s a lot more, but the paragraph was getting a little long.

This blog is called The Zombie Mistress Overlord Speaks for two reasons:

1)      Each word means something.

Zombie = Something that’s both serious AND silly. C’mon, let’s face it…although serious, zombies are kind of silly.
Mistress = Someone who likes to be in charge.
Overlord = Sees all.
Speaks = Do I have to explain that one?

So what you end up with is someone who’s a little serious and a little silly, who likes to be in charge, sees all, and wants to tell everyone about her day. And,

2)       I just came up with it and thought the words sounded cool together. Reason #1 was just to rationalize Reason #2.

I hope you find some of these things interesting, too. I love to hear what other people think.

Go ahead. Take a look around, draw a few conclusions, and start a discussion.

The ZMO is listening.

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