The Fantastic Animal Photography of Carli Davidson

I followed a couple of links I found on Facebook and found these fantastic animal portraits by Carli Davidson, an incredibly talented photographer out of Portland, Oregon. Her portraits of animals are absolutely gorgeous, and all are available as prints.

She has fantastic galleries on her website, with photos in B&W and color. One series is called “Shake”, featuring images of dogs caught in the act of shaking water off . Some of the shots are hilarious and some are really, really weird. All are amazing.

Shake 3 – ©Carli Davidson

She also has a gallery of images she’s taken of dogs with disabilities. The animals all look so happy that you can tell they don’t think of themselves as having disabilities.

I highly recommend checking her out. You can buy prints directly from her site at

Like her on Facebook, too. The photo album there is wonderful.

I am now a huge fan.

Carli Davidson and Norbert


All images property of Carli Davidson and Carli Davidson Photography.


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