The Divisive Issue of Global Climate Change – A Science Teacher Explains It All

This video is not about the science.

I recently saw this posting on Facebook, and I thought it was important enough and interesting enough to pass along. Whether you believe in the science or not (and I firmly believe), take a look at this.

It’s about what our choices are and the effects they’ll have on the world in the near future. Because whether we choose to take a course of action or not, it will have an effect on that future.

Greg Craven (wonderingmind42) is a high school science teacher, and obviously the kind of teacher who is everybody’s favorite teacher. I know he would have been my favorite!  He offers a concise, easy-to-understand risk assessment of Global Climate Change. He makes a good argument for why we should do something now, as opposed to later, and what the results would be if we did, or didn’t.

Greg Craven – Global Warming Video

But this is really just the beginning of the whole thing.

As he received comments and challenges to his reasoning, he updated his assessment with more videos, eventually writing, “What’s the Worst That Could Happen? A Rational Response to the Climate Change Debate”. (It’s also available through other book sellers links at

He can also visit his dedicated YouTube channel, where he has a lot more to say on a number of current divisive issues: Some of his other videos are just plain entertaining (as well as educational, too).

I’ve decided to subscribe to his channel, and I think I’ll be spending a lot of time there catching up on what he’s done so far. I also really want to read his book.

I think I have a new favorite “Person Who Educates And Entertains Me At The Same Time”. I’d also put him down as “Someone Smart Who Makes It Easy For Me To Follow Along Because I’m Not As Smart As Them, But I Am Smart Enough To Know It”.


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  1. Matthew

    Finally! A rational thought on the subject.

    • You should watch some of his other videos. He’s really good at being silly, as well as informative. He must be a great teacher to have. (I sent him a “Friend” request on Facebook, and I’m hoping he’s as cool as he appears. I was reading through some of the debates his book has sparked on Amazon, and he’s a very calm person when responding to some of the seriously-fucked-up people who bash on his book.)

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