Today I’m a Happy Working Writer

Today I am a very happy working writer. I have three clients who have all hired me as a copywriter for their online businesses. I’ve got money coming in. (Granted, not a lot, but every little bit helps.) I can officially declare myself a freelance copywriter.

But the very best part is I was finally able to stop working that night job, which was killing my being able to write during the day. When I wasn’t sleeping, I was just staring at the screen, wondering why I wasn’t getting anything done. I could surf, and read, but asking me to do anything more than that was just asking too much. My brain had checked out. I’m not one of those people who can stay up all night and then still function during the day.

Not a night person.

So I’m pretty happy right now. Learning how to budget my time wisely is still something I’m working on, though. And I’ve got to get into the habit of getting off my ass several times a day and getting some exercise. It’s too easy to just sit here. We all know that “secretary’s spread” is not an old wives’ tale. Plus I’ve got to get out of the house!

But it is nice when Chance – one of our three cats – goes under the desk to lay on my feet while I’m working. He’ll lick my ankle every now and then, just reminding me he’s down there and showing me some affection. How can I not get into the writing with that waiting for me?

(Which reminds me, I’ll have to do a post about the cats, one of these days. But I swear I’m not a cat lady. I don’t own a single T-shirt with kittens on it.)

UPDATE – 9/27/12

I still have my other stinkin’ job.


Chance in the desk chair. Lazy bastard.


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